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Power of attorney

Any person over 18 years old can grant power of attorney under Argentine law at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden.

The person who signs the power of attorney (principal) obtains testimony (copy) of the document, which he/she must send to the agent. The original of the signed power of attorney is kept at the Embassy.

Once in possession of the power of attorney, the agent must require the "habilitación" of the consul's signature on it in order to make it valid. The "habilitación" can be required at the Argentine Foreign Ministry, in Buenos Aires, or at any Colegio de Escribanos (Notaries' association) across the country.

Fee: amount in SEK equivalent to USD 80 every 25 lines or fraction lower than 25 lines, at the exchange rate valid on the day of processing. The exact amount in SEK is informed at the Embassy.

Exception: whoever grants power of attorney relating to a pension granted as compensation for human rights violations is exempt from the fee.

Estimated duration of the consular appointment: maximum 30 minutes.


1 ° | Request an appointment by email to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar informing your name and surname and, if you wish, preference of days to attend the appointment.

If you live outside of Stockholm, you can request an appointment for one of our consular visits to Göteborg or Malmö. A new visit to both cities will take place within the first half of 2019. Dates will be confirmed soon.

Attach to the email text that should be included in the power of attorney, in Word format. It is suggested that you commission the elaboration of said text to a lawyer or legal professional.

2 ° | Wait for the appointment assignment by the Embassy, ​​which you will receive by email within 2 business days after the appointment request.

3 ° | Attend the appointment bringing an identity document (Argentine DNI, if Argentine, or identity card or foreign passport, if not Argentine).

If your appointment was granted for one of our consular visits to Göteborg or Malmö, you must also submit photocopy of the Argentine DNI or identity card or foreign passport.


The identification of the principal in the introduction of the power of attorney may only contain information which is verifiable by the Consular Department.

Example 1: If the text you propose for the power of attorney mentions that you prove your identity with an Argentine DNI but you in fact you submit a Swedish identity card or passport, your Argentine ID will not be mentioned but the Swedish identity card or passport instead.

Example 2: If the text that you propose refers to your marital status or your address, it will be written that you "declare" that you have that marital status or address, unless you provide evidence of those circumstances.

Regarding the object of the power of attorney, the Consular Department is not responsible for the content of the text.

It is your lawyer (or yourself if you have not turned to professional advice for the preparation of the text) who must accurately inform the correct text in order to ensure the usefulness of the power of attorney.

Revocation of power

Everything said above also applies to the revocation of power previously granted, regardless of public authority before which it would have been granted in the past.