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Updated date: 30/12/2018

Argentine legislation provides that only people born within Argentine territory are Argentine citizens.

People born outside the Argentine territory (foreigners) can obtain Argentine citizenship in two ways: option for Argentine citizenship or naturalization.

Only the children of Argentine native citizens born abroad can obtain Argentine citizenship through the option for Argentine citizenship.

The spouses of Argentine citizens and foreigners who have resided uninterruptedly for 2 years in Argentina can obtain Argentine citizenship through naturalization.

Obtaining Argentine citizenship through option for Argentine citizenship or naturalization does not bring about, for Argentine legislation, resignation or loss of any other citizenship.

These instructions relate to naturalization. If you are looking for information about the option for Argentine citizenship, see here.

Naturalization can only be processed in Argentina through a judicial proceeding before any federal court of the civil jurisdiction.

The interested party residing abroad or in the City of Buenos Aires must appear at the National Chamber of Appeals in Civil and Commercial Federal, located in Talcahuano 550 (Ground Floor, Office 2083) any business day from 7:30 to 13:30.

Upon completion of the process, the interested party will obtain a carta de ciudadanía (citizenship letter), with which they can process their Argentine DNI.


. To be over 18 years.

. To have married an Argentine citizen or have resided uninterruptedly in Argentina for 2 years.

Required documentation:

. Marriage certificate or certification by the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM) that the applicant resided uninterruptedly for 2 years in Argentina. If the marriage took place outside of Argentina, registration of the marriage certificate in Argentina must be previously processed, with respect to which these instructions are pertinent.

. Photocopy of ID and/or passport.

. Criminal record.

. Residence certificate (certificado de domicilio).

. Proof of funds: employment contract, employment certificate or salary receipt.

. If there are Argentine children: photocopy of the birth certificates and DNM certificate.

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