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Application for single status certificate

Updated date: 30/12/2018

Argentine Embassies and Consulates do not issue single status certificates.

Argentine citizens living abroad can request these certificates online following the instructions given below.

1° | Go to this website: http://www.mininterior.gov.ar/tramitesyservicios/partidas-certificados.p...

2° | Enter your information (surname, name, address, etc.) and select the requested "tipo de trámite" (type of certificate requested): certificado de soltería (single status certificate). Then click on "siguiente” (next).

3° | You will be required now to enter additional information, including your address abroad.

At the bottom of the page, it is asked if your certificate should be legalized (with or without apostille). Select an option: Yes or No.

Keep in mind that if you plan to submit the document at a Swedish authority, it needs to be legalized with apostille. If you only want to submit it at our Embassy, ​​there is no need for legalization with or without apostille.

4° | Click on "Enviar" (send) to complete the application. The website will give you a número de trámite (application number), which you must remember in case you need it for future claim.

5° | Once the application is completed, the certificate will be sent to the Embassy within an estimated period of 2 months.

6° | Once the certificate is received, the Embassy will contact you by email to coordinate delivery of the document.

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