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Travel permit

Updated date: 02/08/2022

The travel permit is an authorization for a person under 18 years old to exit from Argentina without both or one of his/her parents.

If the minor will travel alone or accompanied by somebody other than his/her parents, the permit must be signed by both parents. If he/she will travel with one parent, it must be signed by the other parent.

The travel permit can be signed both at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden and before a local notary public.

Exceptions: Argentines with residency abroad and foreigners that will not stay longer than 90 days in Argentina do not require travel permit, as long as he/she returns straight to the country where he/she resides.

Procedure at the Embassy

Fee: amount in SEK equivalent to USD 50 at the exchange rate of the processing day. The exact amount in SEK will be informed during the signage appointment.


1° | Request an appointment by email to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar informing name and surname, DNI number (if you are Argentine) or passport number (if you are not Argentine) and -if you wish- preference of days for the appointment.

2° | Wait for the appointment arrangement by the Embassy, about ​​which you will be informed by email within 2 business days after the appointment request.

3° | Attend the appointment bringing the required documents for the procedure. The minor is not required to attend the appointment.

Required documents:

1 | Argentine DNI, if Argentine, or foreign passport, if not Argentine.

2 | Birth certificate of the minor. If a Swedish birth certificate (personbevis) is submitted, it must be signed and stamped by Skatteverket official.

3 | Copy of passports of minor and authorized person to travel with him.


The travel permit is issued digitally and sent by email to the applicant.  The digital document does not require further certification in order to be used in the Argentine territory.


Procedure before a notary public

The fee to be paid and documentation to be submitted must be informed by the notary public.

It is advise that the signed permit is written in Spanish. If it is not, a translation into Spanish will have to be required.

A model for a travel permit in Spanish can be found here, only by way of example.

The travel permit issued before a notary public must be legalized with apostille.

In these cases, it is also suggested to travel with a birth certificate translated into Spanish.

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