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Post date: 10/11/2021

On November 2, the Argentine Embassy together with Wines of Argentina and Munskänkarna offered two Argentine wine masteclasses entitled "Argentinas's diversity", by Phil Crozier, WOFA Brand Ambassador for Europe.

The first session was attended by thirty professionals from the Swedish wine and commercial sector, while the second masterclass was attended by thirty members of Munskänkarna, the largest wine lovers club in Sweden with more than 30,000 members throughout the country. Attendees tasted a wide and varied selection of high quality wines produced by wineries from all Argentine wine regions.

The Embassy thanks WOFA, Munskänkarna and all the Argentine wineries that were protagonists of the event: Alpamanta, Ambrosia, Araujo, Innocenti Family, Lorca, Mendel, Penedo Borges, Piattelli, Salentein and Secreto Patagónico.

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