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Marriage certificate registration

Updated date: 30/12/2018

Argentine Embassies and Consulates abroad cannot register marriages that take place outside of the Argentine territory.

For a marriage that took place abroad to take effect in Argentina, the marriage certificate must be registered by the Civil Registry in Argentina.

A person can require that registration at any Argentine court, either personally in Argentina or through a third party to whom he/she must grant a power of attorney. Find here instructions to sign power of attorney.

In order to get the marriage registered, the person will be required to submit the following documents:

- Original marriage certificate, already legalized at the country where the marriage took place. If the marriage took place in Sweden, the document to be submitted is a personbevis and the legalization must be conducted with apostille by a notary public.

- Spanish translation of the legalized marriage certificate, signed by an official translation from Argentina.

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