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Legalization without apostille: Origin certificate

Updated date: 19/09/2023

The Consulate can legalize and endorse Swedish commercial documents so that they can be valid in Argentine territory. All civil status records are exempt from consular legalization, which must be certified in the competent “Notarius Publicus” with an Apostille of the Hague Convention of 10/05/1961.

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, this process legalizes the original signature of the Chamber of Commerce official who has previously certified the document.


 1. Be accompanied by the commercial invoice for the operation.

2. Have been issued within the last 60 days.

3. The document must be in Spanish or English.

Fee: USD 200. The fee is paid in SEK at the exchange rate in force on the day of the document legalization. The exact amount in SEK is informed by the Embassy.

Procedure | By post

1st | Send by post the document to be legalized in a sealed envelope, accompanied by  a legalization request note that includes your contact details (postal address, email address and telephone number). In addition you will have to send a “PostNord rekommenderat brev” label or a stamped envelope to send back the legalized document.  

2nd | Once the document is received, the Embassy will contact you to inform you of the amount of the fee and will request a payment by transfer or bank deposit.

3rd | Once payment is confirmed, the Embassy will send the legalized document by postal mail using the PostNord label or the stamped envelop sent by the company.


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