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Criminal record

Updated date: 18/10/2023

Any person over 16 years old can apply for an Argentine criminal record certificate at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden. This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Argentina.


. Age over 16 years old

. Valid identity document: Argentine DNI card (tarjeta) if the applicant is Argentine; valid passport if the applicant is not Argentine

. Credit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express


ARS 980 + USD 30.

- The first is paid online following the instructions in point 1 of the procedure below.

- The second (USD 30) is paid in SEK by card (debit or credit) at the Embassy at the exchange rate in effect on the day of the procedure.


1° | Procedure 1st | Enter the following link Registro Nacional de Reincidencia and select "Sweden" in the drop-down list of countries. Then press the blue "Choose and continue" button. Please read the detailed information carefully and press next. Carefully complete the fields as required. When you reach the "Generate Request" field, press "Download Request" and save the document. Then press next and then "Finish" to finish your request. This will open the interface for you to make the online payment of AR$ 980 by card. Once the payment has been made, do not forget to download the payment receipt that the system offers you (your browser may open it in a pop-up window). ATTENTION THE WEBSITE IS IN SPANISH.

Payment options 1) Using a credit card 2) Through Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) AFIP 3) Through the PAGAR payment platform (Red Link) 4) Through the Banelco Network homebanking platform All of these modalities allow the RNR fee to also be paid by third parties other than the person requesting the criminal record certificate.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that you keep both .pdf documents, "Application" and "Proof of Payment". You must also receive them in the email account that you provided when starting the application.

2nd | Request an appointment by email to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar You must attach and send us the documents "Request" and "Proof of payment" and inform us of your preference of days for the appointment.

3rd | Wait for the appointment to be assigned. The procedure is carried out in the Embassy offices and shifts are assigned for times between 10:00 and 15:00 from Monday to Friday, except holidays. - Show up to the appointment with your valid identification document and credit or debit card.

- Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by one or both parents, who must also present their identity documents and the minor's birth certificate.

- Upon arrival at the Embassy, you will pay by card the fee of USD 30 specified above (in SEK at the current exchange rate) and complete your application for a criminal record certificate with the assistance of staff.

The criminal record certificate is normally available for download online within 24 hours from the time of completion of the application. Keep in mind that if the organization / company to which you will present the certificate requires that the document be apostilled, you must process this procedure once the PDF arrives in your email: APOSTILLA

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