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Authenticated copy

Updated date: 09/03/2023

Any Argentine or foreign citizen can request the authentication of a photocopy at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden.

Fee: amount in SEK equivalent to USD 20 per page, at the exchange rate valid on the processing day. The exact amount in SEK is informed at the Embassy.

Exception: fee is exempted when this procedure is conducted in the framework of an application for a pension as compensation for human rights violations.

Estimated duration of the consular appointment: maximum 15 minutes.


1° | Request an appointment sending an email to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar

2° | Attend the appointment bringing the required documentation for the procedure.

The autenticated copy is issued digitally and sent by email to the applicant. The digital document does not require further certification in order to be used in the Argentine territory.

Required documentation

1 | Argentine DNI, if Argentine, or foreign passport, if not Argentine.

2 | Document whose copy requires authentication, in original.

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