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3. How do I apply for visa at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden?

Updated date: 10/01/2022

If you have a regular passport, follow these instructions to apply for visa at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden:

1) Check out this visa chart to be informed about the different visa categories applicable to the different purposes of stay in Argentina, as well as documents required, fees and maximum length of stay allowed by each visa.

2) Fill in this visa application form and email it to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar.

If you don’t have a Swedish passport, you must send this e-mail at least 40 days before your departure from Sweden, but never earlier than 60 days from that date.

If a person or institution has already requested or obtained your entry permit (permiso de ingreso) from Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM) in Argentina, it's important that you mention this in your e-mail.

3) Await the Embassy’s reply, which will be emailed within 24 hours, counting only working days. This reply will contain:

- Date and time for an appointment at the Embassy (Narvavägen 32, 115 22, 2nd floor). The selected date will be within the next week from the reception of the visa application form.

- Visa category applicable according to the “purpose of stay” stated on your visa application form.

- Required documents that you should bring for the appointment.

4) Attend the appointment bringing all documents required. Upon arrival, you will be asked to submit the documents and pay the fee. Payments are taken by card in SEK at the exchange rate valid on the appointment date. Later, you will be asked to attend a visa interview with the consul.

The visa appointment may not last longer than 30 minutes.

If you are under 18 years old, you must attend the appointment with your parents, who will sign an authorization for your visa application.

If your passport was issued by an American or European State and no required document is missing, you may be informed right after the interview if the visa has been approved and, if so, you will be asked to wait (or return to the Embassy in) 30 minutes to collect the visa.

If your passport was issued by another State, in some cases the answer will be postponed for 25 to 35 days after the interview. If you are no longer in Sweden by the time the visa is approved, you will be able to collect the visa from another Argentine Embassy or Consulate.


If you are expecting a visa to stay in Argentina longer than 90 days, once it is approved you will be required to pay the following extra charges:

- Tasa Migratoria (Immigration Tax): USD 600

- Cartera Migratoria (Processing Fee): USD 100

Cartera Migratoria must be paid by card in SEK at the exchange rate valid on the payment day. Tasa Migratoria can be paid online only by credit card, following instructions that will be provided at the Embassy.

Both charges are not applicable to the following cases:

- Visa Work & Holiday

- Members of religions which are officially recognized in Argentina


Tasa Migratoria (Immigration Tax) is not applicable to the following cases:

- Applicants who obtained an entry permit from DNM

- Applicants under 18 years old who travel with their parents


If you are under 18 years old and will travel to Argentina without one or both parents, the non-accompanying parent or both –where applicable– will have to sign a travel permit at the Embassy or show the travel permit already signed before a notary public, according to these instructions. Exception: Travel permit will not be required when you stay in Argentina less than 90 days and your departure ticket from Argentina is bound for Sweden.

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